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Our driving passion is to help company leaders uncover what's really prohibiting the growth of their company; typically found in lack of infrastructure, inefficient systems, and unproductive employee behavior. Often, there is a human behavior component (behavioral intelligence) that goes undiagnosed and unaddressed. This causes behaviors that do not align with the company's goal/mission. Additionally, most CEOs are far too involved in the company's sales and operational processes which is not scalable. We can help break down and identify what's driving the ineffective behavior, help benchmark the team and then construct a detailed plan of action for driving sales forward and soaring to high revenue attainment and high margins. Our understanding of how human behavior drives the ability and effectiveness on delivering each part of each persons' role will dramatically shift your culture, create "ownership thinking" and buy-in from the team. Together, we align the company's client acquisition process (involving operations, marketing, and sales) with their ideal client's buying journey and train the employees on how to execute to achieve high-growth sales results.


Mary Grothe founded Butterfly Creative, LLC in March of 2012, after spending nearly a decade working with startups and small businesses in various roles, learning how to properly build a business that can support transformation and growth. Throughout those years, she revealed it does not matter how strong a marketing or sales strategy is for a company if their business is not structured correctly. She built this company based on proven business growth strategy models and business development services. She specializes in a handful of industries such as SaaS, technology, payroll/HR, professional services, and financial services. 

At Butterfly Creative, we do business growth strategy. We build infrastructure, systems, and processes that support our proven high-growth sales strategies, create multiple revenue streams, and transform your small business into a profitable business worth owning...

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